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It has been said by many, and we’ll repeat it again: there’s nothing more American than a New York-Style deli.
Historically, Delis first rose up as take out services for Jewish immigrants, gathering places for Jewish communities and major symbols of integration and assimilation- and soon enough, pastrami piled high on fresh baked rye bread became a popular, comfort food classic nationwide.

Delis in early 20th century New York were a gathering place for immigrants living in all too small tenement apartments, a place to find community – in the words of famous comedian Harpo Marx, "I was back with my own people, who spoke my language, with my accent!" In the comfort of the deli, immigrants would gather to discuss, to laugh and of course, to eat.

But like every other coming to America story, Delis began to absorb more American flavors and styles, enabling immigrants to carve out their own unique, yet completely all-American, identity. It was never just about the food at a Deli, it was about feeding the soul as well as the stomach; nourishing the ideal that it’s possible to stay true to your roots while becoming American all at the same time. At Mort’s, we’re proud of the heritage that comes with being a true, New York-style Jewish deli.
At Mort’s, we’re proud of the heritage that comes with being a true, New York-Style deli.
We pride ourselves in preserving the key elements of an authentic Deli: succulent corned beef, the best Reuben and Matzah ball soup in town and the kind of atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable lingering a while. And as with the Delis of the past, we’re also on the constant lookout for improvement and innovation.
Come pay us a visit and let us show you why reviving traditions of old, never tasted so good!
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